Skate Park

Catch some air! The Skatepark is home to a challenging BMX/skatepark equipped with ledges, ramps, rails, quarter pipes, and much more. An estimated 75% of ramp surfaces utilize pro-grade Skatelite for smoother and safer rolling to show off your best tricks! There are ledges,  flat rails, 4’ spine, 2’ and 4’ fly boxes, 2'-4’ high 20’ wide mini ramps with a 6' table in between them and a 20' wide spine on the end.  A 24’ wide 6' high quarter pipe with a sub box on top. A 24' wide 7' high wedge with a 4' quarter pipe in the middle with a sub box along the entire top of the wedge.

The Skatepark is located in the Medford City Park and closes daily at 11:00pm. There is no cost to enjoy the Skatepark; safety equipment is recommended but not required.