Police Department

Welcome to the City of Medford Police Department. The members of the Department pride themselves on providing high quality law enforcement services to the community.

The Medford Police Department consists of nine officers and one administrative assistant. The department also consists of one detective and a school liaison officer. The department is supervised by the Chief of Police and Lieutenant.

Patrol Services:

Officers assigned to patrol services are responsible for various patrol duties. Some of the duties include, vehicle lockouts, traffic enforcement, business checks, responding to and investigating complaints. 911 emergency response and 24 hour patrol of the city limits.

Investigative Services:

The Investigative division of the department is assigned with conducting investigations involving property crimes (burglary, theft, fraud, etc.) and crimes against persons (battery, sexual assault, etc.) Investigation is also responsible for any narcotics investigations.

Police School Liaison Officer:

The Police School Liaison Officer is a cooperative effort on behalf of the Medford Police Department and the Medford Area School District. The purpose of the effort is to ensure student health, welfare and safety by providing a safe and secure learning environment for students. The liaison officer is an "On Premises" law enforcement officer within the Medford School District. They are responsible for safety talks, investigations and coordination of all other law enforcement services called upon for all grade levels in the school district.

Special Services:

The police department provides a wide range of services to the community outside of the regular patrol and investigative services. Some of the services include, bike and other safety talks, vehicle registration program. The Medford Police Department offers salvage vehicle inspections.


Medford Police Department

224 S Second St

Medford, WI 54451

Dispatch: 715-748-2200

Office: 715-748-1447

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The Medford Police Department was founded in 1889 when the city was incorporated by charter.

Taylor County Courthouse, Erected 1913
(Photo Courtesy of Taylor County Historical Society)
Taylor County Courthouse, Erected 1913 (Photo Courtesy of Taylor County Historical Society)
Police Department