Disconnection / Reconnection of Service

Service may be disconnected after 10 days of receiving notice for failure to pay a past due account. Customers that receive a Notice of Disconnection should immediately contact us at (715) 748-3211 upon receipt of this notice if:

  • You dispute the notice of your delinquent account
  • You are a residential customer and wish to negotiate a deferred payment agreement (if applicable)
  • Disconnection of service will aggravate and existing medical or protective services emergency, the occupant should contact the Utility immediately

Residential service will be continued or restored for up to 21 days, once per year, to enable the occupant to arrange payment if the occupant produces a licensed Wisconsin physician’s statement or notice from a public health, social services or law enforcement official which identifies a medical or protective services emergency and specifies the period of time during which the disconnection of service will aggravate the circumstances. The postponement may be extended by renewal of the statement or notice.

You may appeal to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission staff if an agreement cannot be made concerning the reason(s) for the disconnection or the amount of the utility bill.

Service that has been disconnected due to non-payment is subject to a reconnection fee of $40 during normal office hours or up to $80 after normal office hours.