Comprehensive Plan

On October 21, 2008, the City of Medford Common Council adopted a Comprehensive (Smart Growth) Plan for the City of Medford.

This Plan provides detailed information regarding the City of Medford. As the City continues to grow, it is the City of Medford’s job to protect and enhance the quality of life for the people who live and work here. In order to meet this responsibility and the requirements of Wisconsin Statutes 66.1001, priorities were established and incorporated into this Plan. Elements of the Plan include: Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources; Community Facilities; Economic Development; Housing; Intergovernmental; Issues & Opportunities; Land Use; Transportation; Utilities; and Implementation. Each element had a working committee composed of at least three community members. Department heads were assigned to each committee, and served as ex officio members. A Smart Growth Oversight Committee was created to oversee the working committees.

Copies of the Plan are available at the Medford City Hall located at 639 South Second Street, Medford, WI, and at the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library located at 400 North Main Street. The Plan is also available for viewing or downloading in PDF format by clicking on the links below.

Table of Contents & Introduction

Element #1 - Issues and Opportunities

Element #2 - Agricultural, Cultural & Natural Resources

Element #3 - Housing

Element #4 - Economic Development

Element #5 - Transportation

Element #6A - Community Facilities

Element #6B - Utilities

Element #7 - Intergovernmental

Element #8 - Land Use

Element #9 - Implementation

Appendix 1 - Community Survey

Appendix 2 - Community Survey Results