Tree Trimming/Tree Removal

To All Utility Customers

The Electric Utility would like to clarify its position to our customers regarding tree trimming and tree removal issues and how we approach trees in regards to overhead lines.

When possible, the Utility would like to remove trees ground to sky 10' wide when it comes to primary overhead lines or anything in the City's right-of-way. Secondary overhead wires (low voltage, defined as 600 volts or less) are a different issue. The Utility will keep them reasonably trimmed but removal of the whole tree is not always necessary. Customers requesting trees to be cut down because of a secondary service wire is not always necessary from the Utility standpoint.

The Utility will review:

  • Dropping secondary service wire so customer can cut tree
  • Location and ability to remove tree(s) without damage to lawns or structures
  • Is it cost effective for removal?
  • Interruption/damage if secondary wires are knocked down
  • City of Medford - Code of Ordinances - Chapter 9.6 Trees & Shrubs
  • ANSI A300 - Standards for Tree Care Operations

It is the Utility's discretion to decide what to do with trees around service wires. Sometimes it is not cost effective to remove trees around service wires that would only take minutes to put back up if a tree were to tear the service down.