Transient Merchant License

All necessary forms must be submitted with the application prior to the required Police Department investigation.  All applicants are subject to a three-day waiting period.

Required Documentation

The following information must be included at the time of application:

  • Copy of Driver's license or state ID card
  • Copy of current Wisconsin Seller's permit
  • Copy of State certification of examination and approval from the sealer of weights and measures where applicant's business requires use of weighing and measuring devices approved by State authorities
  • Copy of a state health officer's certificate where applicant's business involves the handling of food or clothing, and is required to be certified under state law; such certificate to state that the applicant is apparently free from any contagious or infections diseases, dated no more than 90 days prior to the date the application license is made.
Transient Merchant Permit Requirements
  1. Applicant must have employee photo identification badge visible at all times when operating under this permit.
  2. A copy of this permit should be kept on the applicant at all times, and presented when requested.